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What are the types of nail polish? Find out more with VIP Nails & Spa LLC

What is nail polish? Check out with VIP Nails & Spa LLC


Nail polish has long been known as a cosmetic used to paint on fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect nails. Over time, the formula has been heavily modified to enhance the decorative effect and especially limit peeling or cracking.

Nail polish consists of a mixture of organic polymers and several other ingredients that give it a unique color and texture. Nail polish comes in all colors and plays an extremely important role in today's nail art lip set. In addition, besides nail polish, current nail salons also use many other types to decorate nails such as gel polish or powder, ...

Types of popular nail polish today


Today there are many types with many different benefits. But in summary, there are some basic types as follows.


This type of paint is usually transparent, opaque white or opaque pink, used before the color coating. Strengthens nails, restores moisture and helps paint adhere to nails.


This type of paint also has a transparent color, which is applied after a layer of colored paint has been applied. It helps prevent chipping, scratching and peeling. Topcoat can also help the paint underneath to dry faster and help keep the color longer.

Gel polish

This is the most popular paint today, made from organic polymer compounds. Gel polish is applied to the nail as usual, but will not dry on its own and must be treated under ultraviolet lamp or ultraviolet LED lamp. Gel polish not only has a beauty effect, but also has the effect of making nails look thicker and more durable than conventional paints.

Matte paint

Matte paint also acts as a top coat, but will result in a matte, opaque finish. Matte paint effects create a unique, different because the nails have many opaque colors that are not shiny like other types.

Above is the sharing of VIP Nails & Spa LLC about the most popular nail polishes on the market today. Hope we can help you to know more about these nail polishes. To see more beautiful nail designs, you can visit our gallery.


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