Classic Manicure $20
Classic French Manicure $27
Deluxe Manicure $30
Gel Manicure $34
Gel Manicure with Removal $36
Gel French Manicure $41
Gel French Manicure with Removal $43


Classic Pedicure $37
Paraffin Hot Wax $46
Deluxe Pedicure $57
Detox Pedicure $65
Gel Color Pedicure $52
Gel French Pedicure $59
Hot Stone Pedicure $48


Solar Pink and White Filling $60
Acrylic Full Set with Regular Polish $40
Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish $52
Acrylic Filling with Regular Polish $30
Acrylic Filling with Gel Polish $42
Pink and White Full Set $65
Pink and White Filling $50
Pink Filling $40
Liquid Gel Full Set $60
Liquid Gel Filling $42
Solar Color Full Set $55
Solar Color Fill $45
Solar Pink and White Full Set $65


Dipping Colored Powder Overlay $45
Dipping Colored Powder with Removal $47
Dipping Colored Powder Full Set $55
Dipping Pink and White Full Set $60
Dipping Pink and White Overlay $55
Ombre Dipping $65
Chrome Dipping $65

KIDS SERVICES (Under 10 Years Old)

Kids Gel Pedicure $39
Kids Gel Manicure $23
Kids Manicure $13
Kids Pedicure $29
Kids Polish Change Hands $9
Kids Gel Color Change Hands $16
Kids Polish Change Toes $10


Regular Polish Change Hands $15
Regular Polish Change Toes $18
Gel Polish Change Hands $27
Gel Polish Change Toes $35
Acrylic Nails Removal $15
Dipping Powder Removal $10
Gel Polish Removal $7
Nail Repair (Each) $5
Simple Nail Arts $6
Simple nail art on two fingers.
Complicated Nails Art $15
For nails art are complicated that needs more time. The price range is from $15 and UP.